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High Street Garden Supplies are based in Epping, Melbourne’s north.

We have over 40 years experience in the building and garden supplies industry.

Phone (03) 9401 1302.

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High Street Garden Supplies

518 High St, Epping VIC 3076

Soils, Sands, Mulches, Screenings, Stones, Compost

We have a huge selection of garden supplies, sand, soil mixes, mulches, drainage supplies, tools, screenings, rocks, pebbles and compost.

Additionally, we also stock Cement Building Supplies, Concrete Colour Oxide, Liquid Sealers, Metal Door Frames, Steel, bars and lintels, Reinforcing mesh, Concrete pier caps, Expansion, fixing and all building and construction supplies.

Come and get it or call 03 9401 1302 for delivery.

  • Mushroom Compost
    Mushroom Organic Compost
    Mushroom Compost enriches the soil and supplies nutrients for the healthy growth of plants. It helps condition soil increasing the water-holding capacity, keeping the soil aerated which decreases your watering needs. Mushroom compost in PH neutral, organic and not potent making it suitable for most garden plants & veggies.
  • Washed Sand
    White Washed Sand
    White Washed Sand also known as Sandpit sand, fine washed sand, double washed sand and triple washed sand. It is the best sand for sweeping into the joints of paving. White Washed Sand can also be used as a fine rendering/plastering sand.
  • Tuscan 40mm Decorative Stone
    Tuscan 40mm Decorative Stone
    Tuscan 40mm decorative stone is a sandstone aggregate, screened to be free of fine material. Can be used as a decorative stone in your garden, around plants or placed in the top of plant pots as a decorative feature. It does not compact. This product will always remain free draining.
  • 20mm Screenings
    Screenings 20mm
    20mm Screenings is a sandstone aggregate, screened to a uniform size and is free of finer particles. It is an aggregate that can be used in the production of concrete. It is suitable as drainage aggregate and may also be used as a decorative aggregate around the garden.
  • Yellow Brick Sand
    Orange/Yellow Brick Sand
    Orange/Yellow Brick Sand is a fatty brick sand used for brick work. Mainly used when trying to match light or existing mortar.
  • Grey Sand
    Off White (Grey) Brick Sand
    Off White (Grey) Brick Sand is another ‘fatty’ sand most commonly used for brick and block work. This has a greyish colour rather than the yellowish colour.
  • Packing Sand
    Packing Sand
    Packing Sand is a fine sand with some clay content in it. Packing Sand is mainly used under concrete slabs. It can also be used under paving and under water tanks.
  • 7mm Screenings
    Topping 7mm Agg
    This is a 7mm aggregate. It has been screened to remove finer sized particles. Also known as quarter minus. It is used by plumbers for drainage and around pipes. 7mm screenings can also be used to make a finer textured concrete.

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Massive Range of Garden Supplies

We at High Street Garden Supplies can assist with all your building and gardening needs. Our expertise and advice is backed from operating for over 40 years in Epping and Melbourne's north supplying domestic and commercial businesses.

We have a massive selection of garden supplies, sand, soil mixes, mulches, drainage supplies, tools, etc. Our friendly staff can advise which product is best for your next project. 

We offer a prompt and reliable delivery service where you get exactly what you ordered. Call 03 9401 1302.



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