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Blundstone Boots in Stock

Friday 22nd September 2023
By: Paul La Porta

High Street Garden Supplies provides Blundstone’s work safety footwear range and other safety accessories used for all sorts of purposes – heavy work or light work.

Boasting a rugged, timeless charm, Blundstone boots are crafted from premium leather and sport the instantly recognisable branded pull tabs, elastic gussets and durable soles.

Employing ergonomic engineering, the styles feature shock-absorbent technology with reinforced touches that assure both your comfort and safety.

Markedly unpretentious and simple, the boots lend a classic touch to any outfit, with their sleek lines and versatile colour palette providing the ideal dose of laid-back polish.

We stock the following workboot models;

  • Blundstone 600
  • Blundstone 200
  • Blundstone 172
  • Blundstone 992
  • Blundstone 147

And the following gumboot models;

  • Blundstone 001
  • Blundstone 024.



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